Original BMW Parts.

Every day your BMW delivers high performance, and if it is to remain fully functional, there must be flawless interplay between all parts. This is why you should select Original BMW Parts: perfect performance can only be achieved if all parts are precisely matched to the requirements of each individual BMW model. Original BMW New Parts are subject to the same standards of quality as BMW vehicles – from construction planning to quality assurance. The precision and high-quality construction of each Original BMW New Part guarantees that all components in your BMW work together perfectly – for optimum performance and maximum safety and longevity.

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This winter BMW brings an option to enjoy the pleasure of driving in a cleaner and fresher air. The new BMW Fine Dust Filter and its innovative filter technology reduces the harmful particles contained in the air entering your vehicle to an absolute minimum. Now as soon as you get into your BMW, you can take a deep breath, feel refreshed and at ease.

BMW Fine Dust Filter.

Take a breath of fresh air.

Fine differences, amazing effects
BMW Micro Filter
BMW Fine Dust Filter


BMW Battery with AGM technology & BMW Battery with calcium technology.

BMW Batteries with AGM Technology (AGM stands for ‘Absorbent Glass Mat’) are ideally suited to meeting the constantly growing energy requirements of modern electrical systems. Once a vehicle has been fitted with AGM technology ex works, the battery must never be replaced with another technology in the future. Boasting high electrical performance, even at extreme temperatures and reliability that meets the demands of cold starts, the BMW Battery with calcium technology is especially suited to BMW vehicles without EfficientDynamics functions.
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BMW Spark Plugs.

BMW Spark Plugs are designed to perfectly meet the requirements of your engine. The spark plug housing is composed of surface-treated steel. This prevents the thread seizing even after long periods of use, thus keeping the aluminium cylinder head undamaged. High-quality materials and a precise heat value guarantee maximum ignition reliability in cold starts, when accelerating, as well as in demanding tailback situations.
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BMW Wiper Blades.

Snow, water or dirt: BMW Wiper Blades boast optimum cleaning efficiency and perform impressively in any weather – and even after 300 hours of use. In contrast to regular rubber blades, the innovative, synthetic wiper blades turn in the wiping direction as they move over the windscreen. The result: maximum cleaning power with minimum noise.
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BMW Brake Discs.

BMW Brake Discs and the individual components of the brake units work together perfectly to guarantee a high level of braking performance and reliability. The ABS of your BMW is exactly dimensioned for use with BMW Brake Discs. The superior brake deceleration is partly due to the large diameter of the brake disc, which is calculated precisely for each BMW model.
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BMW Interior Filter, BMW Air Filter & BMW Fuel Filter.

Particulate matter, pollen or pollutants: BMW Interior Filters remove all of these dangerous elements and markedly improve the air in the vehicle’s interior.

The BMW Air Filters are precisely tailored to the relevant BMW engines and provide them with the right amount of purified air.

Whether your engine is petrol or diesel, the BMW Fuel Filter enables the engine to unleash its power to the optimum and counteracts contamination of the injection system.
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The BMW electronic parts catalogue.

Whether you’re looking for a roof box, clutch or brake linings: you can quickly and reliably find information on the accessories and spare parts available from BMW in the electronic parts catalogue.