Warranty Policy


Your new vehicle covered by 24 Months contractual warranty, provided by BMW authorised dealer. Warranty period commence from Date of Invoice / handover (Whichever comes first) with no mileage limitation.

The warranty is restricted to the repair or replacement of any part of the vehicle found to be defective in materials or workmanship at the discretion of an Authorised BMW Dealer. If a component replaced on the basis of warranty due to a functional fault for which BMW is responsible, this part is covered by the warranty for the residual running period.


Under the terms of the warranty, you are required to maintain, operate and use the vehicle in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and within the specified operating limitations. For detailed information, please refer to the BMW Owner Manual and BMW Service Booklet. We recommend strongly that, at all times, your vehicle is serviced only at Authorised BMW Dealer outlets. BMW Authorised Dealers have the approved equipments, spare parts, operational fluids and highly trained specialist personnel required and specified by the manufacturer to maintain your vehicle's quality, performance and safety in the most professional manner.


The painted surface of each new vehicle sold by itself or an authorised BMW dealer is also provided with a three year warranty cover from the date of first registration of such vehicle, (or, in the case of the sale of an unregistered vehicle, from the date of delivery of the vehicle to the first purchaser). This excludes any damage to the painted surface by external or environmental influences.


For vehicles sold after 2010, your BMW dealer has extended the warranty for the bodywork to twelve years without any mileage limitation, and for the paintwork to three years.

The entire vehicle (except for wearing parts), all Genuine BMW Parts and Genuine BMW Accessories come with a two-year warranty with no distance limit, running from the date of handover. The guaranteed way to maintain your driving pleasure.


The rust perforation warranty applies for the complete bodywork of the new vehicle ex works. Add-on parts such as trim strips and roof rails are excluded. Conditions for a corresponding warranty claim are as follows:


a) The rust perforation was not caused by external influence on the body or under body protection (e.g. accident, stone chipping, and environmental influences).


b) The buyer has damage to the body and under body remedied immediately after discovery of this damage by an Authorised BMW Workshop, unless the damage is caused by neglect or external influences (see a).


c) In case b) the inspection prescribed in the inspection instructions and any improvements have been property confirmed by the Authorised BMW Workshop.


d) Any body repairs performed by an Authorised BMW Workshop have been carried out in line with accepted technical principles and any replaced parts have been protected against corrosion in accordance with the manufacturer specifications.


If rust damage occurs because one of the above requirements was unfulfilled, the warranty claim will not be accepted. Other claims in the event of rust damage for other legal reasons (e.g. legislation, general Terms and Conditions of business, special agreements) remain unaffected.