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BMW sedan range


A typical BMW has much more than what meets the eye. With the ever-so-talked-about Kidney Grille and Coupé rooflines, the BMW Sedan Range offers something for everyone’s interest. Paired with adrenaline and comfort, BMW ensures that every drive be a joyous adventure and the feeling of joy be with you, at every step.

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Progressive, creative, inspiring: these are the qualities that we, at BMW have been committed to for over a century. Independent and forward-thinking figures have motivated and inspired us– the creative elite, whose creations and ideas have brought us unique moments and unexpected perspectives. Pioneers of our time and voices of the future, who inspire progress in technology and design. Make the existing obsolete and turn their vision into the new reality.

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BMW sedan range

Terms and Conditions.

  • Performance data as measured in the emission test done under controlled conditions of environment, driving cycle, fuel etc. as specified in Rule 115 of Central Motor Vehicle Rules, 1989.

    Performance data measured in the test done under controlled conditions of environment, fuel, etc. as per Central Motor Vehicle Rules, 1989.

    The models, equipment and possible vehicle configurations illustrated in this specification sheet may differ from vehicles supplied in the Indian market.

    Some options may contain mandatory combinations with other options. Please check with your local Authorised BMW Dealer.

    Terms and conditions apply. For further information please refer to the product brochure or contact your local Authorised BMW Dealer.

    For detailed terms & conditions, scope of services (inclusions & exclusions) and coverage duration (in years) & mileage (in kilometers), please refer BSI brochure and/or contact your BMW authorized dealer.