The digital products and connected services from BMW ConnectedDrive offer you a wide range of useful functions. Smart and innovative, they make your life easier.


Walking woman in front of BMW iX uses My BMW app on smartphone

My BMW App.

• New design with intuitive user guidance and smart functions

• Check vehicle status

• Send destination to car

• Remotely control the car

• Locate vehicle via smartphone

Intelligent Personal Assistant BMW ConnectedDrive Control Display

BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant.

• Have your own personal assistant always on board

• Communicate with your BMW naturally

• Control the car's functions comfortably via voice command

• Find out everything about the vehicle and get to know your BMW better

BMW ConnectedDrive Upgrades Remote Software Upgrade man with smartphone

Remote Software Upgrade.

•  Your BMW up to date with software updates for your vehicle

•  Over-the-air download of the software update via My BMW App or the SIM card of your BMW. Installation then possible directly in the vehicle

•  Receive information about new upgrades via push messages in the vehicle or in the My BMW App

* Range, prerequisites and availability vary according to model, equipment and country.

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In-car smartphone integration with Android AutoTM from BMW ConnectedDrive Control Display

Android AutoTM.

• Use smartphone functions comfortably and safely in the car

• Access to music, media or messaging apps

• Wireless integration of Android AutoTM into the vehicle cockpit

• Interaction with Google Assistant via voice control in your BMW

Smartphone Integration with Apple CarPlay© from BMW ConnectedDrive Control Display

Apple CarPlay©.

• Use your iPhone functions while driving

• Wireless and complete display of your iPhone content via vehicle displays

• Convenient access to apps such as Apple Music, iMessage, telephony, Siri, Apple Maps or selected third-party apps, e.g. Spotify or Google Maps in the car

* Range, prerequisites and availability vary according to model, equipment and country.

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Open the vehicle via smartphone with BMW Digital Key and My BMW App
  • With “BMW Digital Key Plus” and a compatible smartphone, the car will lock/unlock automatically via the new, ultra secure Ultrawideband technology (UWB). 
  • To start the engine, the user doesn’t have to place his smartphone in the wireless charging tray. 
  • With BMW Digital Key Plus, user has full control over the car, secure storage of key on smartphone, easy sharing and easy revocation concept.
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  • Personalization is the customization and individualization of features and products to make you feel at home and for your personal convenience.
  • Personalization enables you to be welcomed on the display, to access all personalized functions, to save personal settings and transfer them to other BMWs.
  • With personalization, you make your vehicle into your own personal BMW. 
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  • Enhancement of the experiences for multiple senses (Seeing/Hearing/Feeling)
  • Merging of all levers into a holistic experience provides a maximum simplification of operation and handling
  • Orchestrated interaction of all significant levers
  • Each mode is perfectly designed for a specific driving situation or mood
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  • Using the "Condition Based Service" (CBS) function, sensors in the vehicle regularly determine the service requirements of operating fluids or wear components (e.g. engine oil, brake pads).
  • In the event of a need, the customer does not have to become active himself. 
  • Even before a service is due, the vehicle automatically triggers a Teleservice Call.
  • The service-relevant vehicle data is transmitted to the service partner in charge and is available for making an appointment. 
  • This enables the dealer to inform the customer about an upcoming service and to make an appointment.
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  • If an accident sets off a trigger like airbags or belt tensioners, an emergency call is activated automatically.
  • The emergency call can also be triggered manually via the SOS button in the vehicle if, for example, you need assistance on the road.
  • In case of an accident, the Intelligent Emergency call cares for assistance, both manually and automatically.
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  • With Connected Drive, use the Connected Drive Hotline services for answers to your queries.
  • Use BMW’s wide array of real time customer success solutions provided by the One Contact Center. 
  • CD Hotline services provides answers to all your product related questions.
  • Use the Hotline services to also keep yourself abreast of everything Joy.
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  • The major goal of "Breakdown Call" (B-Call)  is to provide immediate help on phone in case of a breakdown and get the customer as fast as possible to be mobile again.
  • The B-Call allows the customer in the event of a breakdown or malfunction to contact a Roadside Assistance Call Center (RSA CC).
  • The agent can provide assistance via voice based on an analysis of current breakdown situation and position.
  • The function can be found in the iDrive menu.
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* Range, prerequisites and availability vary according to model, equipment and country.

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Assistance & Comfort

BMW Maps navigation map on BMW Control Display

BMW Maps.

• Convenient navigation with easy destination entry

• Accurately predicted arrival times and extremely fast route calculation

• Navigation instructions in the camera image of the road on the Control Display thanks to Augmented View

BMW X3 (G01LCI) parking


The Wi-Fi Hotspot transforms your BMW into a mobile hotspot: thanks to high-speed data transmission and stable reception, you and your companions can use wireless Internet in your BMW just like you do at home or in the office.

* Range, prerequisites and availability vary according to model, equipment and country.

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  • How does BMW ConnectedDrive work?

    BMW ConnectedDrive comprises all digital services that intelligently connect the vehicle with the outside world. In addition to telematics services, these also include driver assistance systems, connections for mobile devices, as well as entertainment offerings.
    Prerequisites for using ConnectedDrive:

    • Your vehicle has a permanently installed and active SIM card.
    • You have a BMW ID.
    • You have added your vehicle to your BMW ID.

    Tip: Download the My BMW App to make the most of the services offered. With the app, you can, for example, plan your trips while on the road and send the destination to your BMW in advance.

    You can find an overview of the services offered on the ConnectedDrive overview page.

    Download My BMW APP:

    Go to App Store®
    Go to Google Play™

  • What is an active SIM card and what is it needed for?
  • What do I need a BMW ID for and how can I use the BMW ID?
  • How can I use the BMW ID in connection with my vehicle?
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Visit the BMW ConnectedDrive Online Shop and book new digital services for your BMW which you can be used immediately for your next trip.
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If you have any questions or need further information on the My BMW App or on BMW ConnectedDrive services and products, simply contact BMW Customer Support.
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Your data, your services, your settings – BMW ConnectedDrive networks them with your BMW and the world. Register now for more comfort, safety and fun.
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Find out more about the digital services of Connected Charging for all-electric BMW vehicles and plug-in hybrids.