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BMW Need Analyzer Question 1

Where do you do most of your driving?

Where do you do most of your driving?

Whatever your usual driving environment, our selection will take you where you want to go – in comfort, style and safety.

BMW i3 city driving conditions

In the city

If you mostly drive in cities, you will benefit from an agile, economical car tailored to demanding urban driving conditions.

BMW Z4 Series country driving conditions

In the country

If most of your trips take you to the country, you will appreciate a car that is versatile and comfortable over longer distances.

BMW 5 Series Saloon motorway driving conditions

On the motorway

A powerful car with luxury features will make even long-distance rides a relaxing pleasure.

BMW X5 Series extreme driving conditions

In extreme conditions

If you often find yourself in extreme weather conditions or on challenging surfaces like snow, gravel or mud, our xDrive (intelligent four-wheel drive) or similar models will keep you safely on track.

BMW Need Analyzer Question 2

How many people travel in your car?

How many seats do you want?

Whether driving alone, travelling with family or taking business partners to meetings – we have just the right model to meet your needs.

BMW 2seater

2 seats

The perfect option for one or two people looking for an especially sporty drive.

BMW 4seater

4 seats

Travel in style: four-seaters offer two passengers in the rear a maximum of space and comfort.

BMW 5seater

5 seats

The perfect choice for anyone who puts a premium on flexibility. With three full seats in the rear you are well-prepared for any situation.

BMW 7seater

7 seats

Planning to take the extended family, plenty of friends or your sports club on a trip? Our versatile seven-seater models have plenty of room for everyone.

BMW Need Analyzer Question 3

What needs to fit in your boot?

What needs to fit in your boot?

Travelling with bulky items, lots of shopping or plenty of luggage? We have the right model to match your requirements.
For your reference: Since luggage tends to vary in size, ‘bag’ refers to a large travel bag or suitcase.

BMW Z4 Roadster boot space

1 to 2 bags

Planning a weekend away? Even our sleekest models will accommodate at least two such bags.

BMW 2 Series boot space

3 to 4 bags

The versatile choice for shopping trips, holidays or light transport. All models with average boot sizes easily fit at least three to four large bags or similar items.

BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer boot space

5 to 6 bags

Choose this option if you’re planning to transport a large amount of luggage or other items.

BMW Need Analyzer Question 4

What defines your perfect car?

Pick up to four features that are especially important to you.

What defines your perfect car?

Your car should reflect your values and priorities in life – pick up to four features you care about to find the right model for your needs.

BMW 3 Series Touring practicality


Smart and practical vehicles, perfectly designed for everyday use, come with enough space to meet different needs.

BMW 6 Series Coupé ECO PRO Mode


For optimum CO2 efficiency and low consumption, innovative and energy-saving BMW technologies ensure a low environmental impact – without compromising on comfort or driving experience.

BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer space and comfort


Comfort is key when you travel long distances, with plenty of room for all bags and passengers. Higher seat positioning, a soft suspension and more headroom promise a pleasant journey wherever you go.

BMW 4 Series refined exterior design


Simple at the core, yet refined all the way: elegance is a given with our range of charmingly stylish and intuitive premium vehicles. Choose this option if you appreciate those special touches that make your BMW’s exterior and interior even more refined.

BMW M4 Series Coupé high performance

High Performance

Our performance-focused vehicles are designed for dynamic driving. Think strong engines, plenty of horsepower and solid motorsport values for a thrilling drive and agile handling.

BMW X4 Series unique style


Make your mark with a statement vehicle that commands attention on the road with its unmistakable presence. Unique design features and individual characteristics wow road users and driver alike.

BMW 7 Series Saloon luxurious and sophisticated


Our top-of-the range choices for the utmost style and comfort: highly luxurious vehicles with a modern yet sophisticated appearance and standout technologies include the BMW 7 Series Saloon, 6 Series Coupé and Convertible and X5 Sports Activity Vehicle.

BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo sports car agility


The essence of a sports car means reaching your destination in a heartbeat – with plenty of precision and agility. Live and breathe the BMW sports car heritage with snappy acceleration, fast reactions, strong engines and self-confident looks.

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