A reflection of power: The limitless strength of the BMW M4 Coupé is evident in every detail. Attention-grabbing air inlets in the front clarify the enormous volume of air that cools the M drive train during its high-performance journeys.
The muscular powerdome delineates the contours of the turbocharger engine. And the extended bonnet is the beginning of an athletic coupé line thatb exudes pure sportiness. The Air Curtain and Air Breather ensure an aerodynamic touch. Like the M kidney grille with double slats, M gills, M exterior mirrors or the M twin tailpipe, they visually underline the dynamic appearance of the BMW M4 Coupé.
At the rear, the four bevelled tailpipe finishers with their unmistakeable sound send out a clear message: This vehicle stands for unbeatable performance – in technology, design and, above all, out on the road.


In the vehicle’s interior, the redeveloped M seats with their shell shape and illuminated M logo await the driver and front passenger.
They offer perfect side stability and a clever use of ergonomics enables a direct connection between driver and vehicle. All control elements in the cockpit are orientated around the driver and guarantee highly precise operation in split seconds. A round instrument display in a racing car look, M leather steering wheel and M gear shift lever finish off the package and leave no room for doubt. The BMW M4 Coupé was created to redefine barriers.


M seats are characterised by perfect ergonomics and body support during dynamic driving. Their distinct, functional character is emphasised by the illuminated M logo at the shoulder.
Several features contribute to M seats’ motor-sport character: contoured sides, integrated headrests and pronounced raised elements in the backrest and seat, as well as seat width adjustment and lumbar support.
M seats' overall lightweight construction also reduces the vehicle's weight. Similarly, the mechanical, manual seat adjustment helps minimise the vehicle's mass. A knee pad on the centre console provides improved side support during dynamic driving. The deep-set seats lower the vehicle's centre of gravity and improve responsiveness during dynamic driving.


The aerodynamically optimised M exterior mirrors are a significant part of the sporty and dynamic M design.
Separated from the body by two gracefully formed supports, they've become a design symbol, while at the same time communicating the high technical standards of a precision component. The additional translucent LED indicators are fitted perfectly into a long, narrow groove.


To reach the absolute limit, you need absolute control. This is why all the functions in the cockpit of the BMW M4 Coupé are direct and intuitively reachable.
The centrepiece is the M leather steering wheel. Here’s where you’ll find the
M Drive buttons for activating your personalised vehicle setup and – for models
with M double-clutch transmission – the gearshift paddles.
The instrument panel in the M design underscores the vehicle’s sportiness. And while you’re enjoying your drive, innovative high-tech features like the BMW Head-Up Display with M-specific display ensure that all important information is always in your line of sight. This keeps your focus on the road and lets you concentrate on sporty driving.


The redeveloped and weight-optimised wheels of the BMW M4 Coupé are both an eye-catcher and a statement.
Even the standard 18ʺ M light-alloy wheels with V-spoke in Ferric Grey make this clear. 19ʺ M light-alloy wheels Double-spoke style are optionally available in Ferric Grey or Black and allow you a glimpse of the powerful M compound brakes with M logo.
Whichever variant you choose, you’re guaranteed to have maximum tracking stability: the standard mixed tyres on the BMW M4 Coupé don’t just improve the muscular appearance of its rear; they also optimise steerabilty and grip.


Uniqueness of character is revealed in every detail – the essence of true exclusivity. Give full expression to your pursuit of perfection.

  • Radiating superiority – even at a standstill

    BMW Individual offers an extended range of exclusive paint finishes for the BMW M4 Coupé. One of eight compellingly expressive colours is Frozen Brilliant White metallic. With its silken matt finish, the BMW Individual paint stretches like hoarfrost over the impressive contours. And with the white surface diffusing incident light, it even further accentuates the sporty appearance of the BMW M4 Coupé. (Matt paint finishes available from 2015.)

  • Embodying the highest values for the fifth generation

    The BMW Individual Nutmeg fine-grain Merino leather impresses with its noticeably fine structure and its inviting, velvet-soft look and feel. Along with this colour, there is a fascinating spectrum available – from Opal White, through to Nutmeg and Cohiba Brown – so you can always find a colour to suit (Expected to be available from 2015.)

  • Hand-crafted perfection in every detail

    The interior trim Ash Grain White offers a highly appealing contrast. Selected by hand, this fine wood delights with the subtlety of its structure and gives the interior an unmistakable elegance. An alternative to both of the characterful fine-wood finishes is the interior trim Piano finish Black, with a high-gloss surface equalled only by leading piano manufacturers.

  • Easy on the eye

    The leather-covered instrument panel from BMW Individual takes the interior into a new dimension when it comes to quality.

  • Colourful accents you can see and feel

    The contrasting stitching from BMW Individual is the highest expression of elegance, impressively accentuating the full fine-grain Merino leather in Black. There are four colours to choose from: Sakhir Orange, Silverstone, Yellow or Blue. (Expected to be available from 2015.)