BMW ConnectedDrive: Collision Warning with gradual braking function

Collision Warning with Brake Activation.

You are not alone on the road. You must also pay attention to the behaviour of other road users. But, of course, you can’t concentrate fully on everything around you all the time. So what happens, for instance, when the vehicle in front of you suddenly brakes in the very same moment you are distracted?


BMW ConnectedDrive offers effective assistance at all times. When Collision Warning is activated and a vehicle ahead of you suddenly brakes, your BMW reacts immediately. In stage 1, it sends you an optical warning; in stage 2 – if you haven’t reacted – an acoustic signal calls your attention to the situation. And if you still haven’t reacted and braked, your BMW will do it for you: with a delay of up to 3 m/s 2, the system initiates a braking procedure.

BMW ConnectedDrive only takes control of your driving at the decisive moment – when accident prevention is the issue. What a wonderful feeling when you can really rely on something.

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